My Life in Clothes, a book of short stories
These stories explore the charm, tyranny, and preoccupation of clothes, on and off, bought, made, or found, fashion or function, projection or expression, body and soul turned inside out.

from The Dressmaker

Mr. Emile was an unusual and dramatic sort of man: the way he spoke, the way he dressed. He and my grandmother liked to nestle together (almost intimately) on a chintz-covered bench and pour through magazines, exclaiming (joyfully or with disgust) over the latest fashions. They conferred about his upcoming projects for her: a black organza sailor dress, a cut-velvet evening suit, a pleated chiffon blouse.

When grandmother had finished her business with Mr. Emile, he kissed us girls on both cheeks, a habit he told us he’d acquired in the finest couture houses of Paris. He kissed Anna on the back of her hand, waving us off with a handkerchief.

Anna said he was her favorite person in the world.


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